Real Kine Shave Ice serves authentic, Hawaiian shave ice; bringing a bit of Hawaii to you.
And we love what we do...Everything tastes better when it's served with the Spirit of Aloha (¬‿¬✿)



I know what you're thinking, "How tough can it be to make ice?"   You fill a container with water and let it freeze. Tuh-duh!
If it were only that easy…
Believe it or not, certain things have to take place to create the perfect shaving ice. 


We never use tap water....eww. Aside from taste, tap water is aerated and causes the ice to be cloudy. Also, it can increase the likelihood of the ice cracking which can be dangerous when placed on spinning blade (you'll shoot your eye out) We actually take it a step further....we use part alkaline water, so the shaved ice is not only amazing, but refreshing too. After all, people don't eat shaved ice while snuggled up in a snow suit! Hydration in the heat is a big deal, and we're here to keep your spirits and your energy up!



Freezer must be set at 30* F.  If the water freezes too quickly, it will crack or bow on the top making it an uneven block, which is then difficult to use in the fast-spinning shaving machine. In essence, the ice will be cranky- and we won't sell irritable shaved ice!   To make perfect ice blocks requires the water to freeze slowly and evenly. We start with purified ice cubes, add alkaline water, then let them freeze for 1-2 days. 


Ice Tempering:

Ice directly from the freezer is dry, brittle and will not shave easily. Also, if the ice is too cold, it will not stick together and won't  absorb the syrups (and it's all about the syrup)  If the ice is too warm, it will collapse and all you'll have is mush.The best ice temperature for shaving is just as it begins to "sweat"; that's the perfect time to create our masterpiece.
There's more to it than you thought, huh?   




Here's where the magic happens! Our treats have a tidal wave of flavor. We have a wide variety of flavors and are always trying new ones, and new combos! We make ours a bit stronger, so the flavor stays perfect even as you dig deeper down into your giant heap of fluffy ice! When it comes to flavor, the way it's shaved is surprisingly important. We use thin, delicate it not only has the texture of cotton candy melting in your mouth, but it also has plenty of surface area to hold the syrups. It wouldn't be Real Kine if it weren't authentic!  We make our own syrups using a mix of 100% pure cane sugar and organic sugar, purified water and a lot of Aloha.   We use stevia for our sugar free choices, not chemicals. (Everyone should be allowed to experience shave ice!)  It's the perfect gluten, soy, and fat free treat!