Las Vegas Shaved Ice is owned and operated by Sandra (on the right), who became fascinated with the Hawaiian culture as a child. Originally from San Diego, this woman with a heart of gold has discovered that it's just plain fun to serve shaved ice! It's like being the Candy Man....everyone is happy to see someone handing out treats!!!  On the left is her manager, RuDeana Dawkins (aka Rudy)


Her background includes:

• Head volunteer for San Diego wildlife sanctuary, 5 years

• Foster Mom to dozens of kids in need

• Manager for a YMCA


She is passionate about quality and compassion.  "Kindness for the sake of kindness." 



While at a festival in the scortching Las Vegas heat, Sandra spotted a Hawaiian Shaved Ice truck, selling oversized, gorgeous shaved ice to people.She saw an older man in front taking orders, and realized that this was a business that she could have, and include her special needs son. If this guy could do it, so could her handsome son! She could be with him and earn money. So she got into the Shaved Ice business.

Since starting, Sandra has found that Shaved Ice has proven to be an excellent way to help many young people. Since it's opening, she's hired several disadvantaged teens, helping them build skills, overcome fears, and establish a resume. It's proven very effective, with one young woman (who had job hunted for almost a year with no results) now employed full time with a company, and another who overcame anxiety and is now enrolled in college, eager to open herself to new experiences. All in all, Las Vegas Shaved Ice is used to not only bring a smile to people who need some heat relief, it's also used to help struggling teens get the "foot in the door" that so many need.